Monday, May 3, 2010

My People and Watching

I read a beautiful children's book with photographs illustrating the Langston Hughes poem, "My People."

My People

The night is beautiful,
So the faces of my people.

The stars are beautiful,
So the eyes of my people.

Beautiful, also, is the sun.
Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.

Langston Hughes

I don't know the best way to post information on it, but here is a link: My People
It's worth looking for in a local library or bookstore.

Here's another of mine.


I’m watching my life, backwards and forwards,
To see where you’ve fit—where you fit—where you’ll fit.
Why am I watching? You didn’t ask?
So I won’t tell you—there’s no way I could.

Yet I watch every move, every word, every thought,
Like I sometimes watch swallows, or seagulls, or flowers,
Or sunsets, to see what might surprise me
And make me stop, and say, “Oh."


  1. I want to think about the people I love in the way that you describe the looking in "Watching". I will love them even more.

  2. I just read a book that claims that one of the ancient Greek philosophers felt we could best understand what a person is about by watching what they typically do. I ask that of myself: If I look at how I spend my time, will I begin to understand what I really am?