Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Who Is Samuel the Lamanite?

If Jesus were just resurrected today, and were appearing to the faithful at General Conference, whose teachings would he tell us to pay attention to? Who would he say, why haven't you written down the words of Samuel the Lamanite? Why haven't you said in your congregations and in your hearts, these are the words of God for us? These are the prophecies to prepare us for today and tomorrow? Who have you called an outsider to Mormonism and ignored, despite her having been called by God to call you to repentance? Why did you wait until after all this turmoil and destruction to repent and really start building Zion?

Seriously, who would it be?

Would it be teachings of other religious leaders? Which ones?

Would it be the warnings of political or economic thinkers (pick your favorites)?

Would it be scientists who are understanding society and the human mind and giving us tools to shape the world toward greater happiness, understanding, and justice?

Would it be futurists who are seeing the potential of humanity and mapping a path toward that expansive future?

Would it be voices from our own tradition that we have ignored or marginalized?

Who is Samuel the Lamanite, today? And most importantly, why do you think so? How will following his teachings bring us closer to Zion?

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