Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Longing Love Poems

I haven't felt this way for more than 10 years now, but the words are still among the favorites I have ever written. For me the images and rhythms capture the feelings I felt. Perhaps you can sense them, too.


I wouldn’t stop
sensing the moment or break
the flow of words between us that falter
on your lips, or on mine to await
a time and place to unblock
their expression, where feelings won’t catch
on some buried snag that holds
our hands hidden, frozen
in the cold air, not warm, locked
in each other to pause,
and think, and breathe, and rest.

Catching a Sunset

My arms reach out to catch the sun before
Its last rays drop behind the mountain’s ridge,
So that the yellow sky will light with red
The western clouds for just one moment more.
I hold my breath to still the wind that would
Disturb the southern slate-blue clouds that fly
Dark holes within the dusk-blue summer sky,
And for a few quick heartbeats all is good.
But then my breath escapes my lungs, the night
Wind sends the clouds into the night’s dark realms,
And I pull back my hands whose blackened palms
Had held the sun before it slipped from sight,
And memory is left alone—to pray
The next day’s end will come and choose to stay.

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