Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Wanderings

Prone to Wander, Lord

He wanders far from crowds, on quiet paths,
Slowly, in dark thoughts of human weakness,
In shade of trees and guilt, in cold iso-
lation of an early winter morning
And narcissistic self-pity.  But one
Prone to wander is not prone to stop
For long.  Even in despair he’ll wander
Through this vale of fears, and shadows give way
To fields and the bright risen sun and hope
Of the new day—another chance to give.
Warm sunlight and chance encounters drive
Out cold as friends and couples walk through fall
Reds and yellows.  Authors, poets, and prophets
Turn dark thoughts and keep the wanderer company,
And family stories chase his blank, cold stare.
Maybe a smile, a greeting, or a tear
Wanders on the wanderer’s face, and prayer
Wanders into his heart as he wanders
Back to his home and to his Father’s rest.

I used to do a lot of walking. Now I'm on the brink of becoming a "soccer dad" (you can't get your kids to their friends houses without driving). But I think my mind and heart are still wandering toward home. It's nice that I don't wander alone much, anymore, and I hang my hat on my head and keep my heart with me, so I can always remember that where I'm headed is in many ways already here.

And here's a favorite hymn.

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