An alphabetical list of my poems can be found at the bottom. What follows is a chronological list beginning with my most recent posts.

My first post on poems about friendship, including a free verse on what is lost as our individual stories pass from this world, and perhaps that is ok.

An except from Wendell Berry about finding complicated comfort, and a poem that shows my evangelical internal dialogue as a missionary.

A poem about watching a dancer in a pow-wow.

A love lost and found poem and an excerpt from a Wendell Berry poem about love and growth.

A personal essay which includes the poems "Long Day", "When Will I Rest", and "Fighting with Life".

A Mother's Voice, my entry in the A Mother Here art and poetry contest

Silly Science Poems

Wilfred Owen's The Next War

The Invincible Word, a post in honor of National Poetry Month
La Scrittura Invincibile by Bertold Brecht

Poems about family relationships
Pioneers by Carol Lynn Pearson
To a brother by Andrew Cannon
Brother bird, brother tree by Jonathan

Thoughts on sorrow, suffering, and sharing of pain
Musee des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden
Brother Jones by Jonathan

Not a poem, but a very short story inspired by "probability zero" stories from Analog Science Fiction Science Fact magazine and Connie Willis's To Say Nothing of the Dog

Short poems you will just have to read if you want to know what they are about
My People by Langston Hughes
Watching by Jonathan

On the late massacre in Piedmont by John Milton, about religious persecution
No one will ever know by Jonathan, about missionary work

A Jonathan Edwards quote about revelation and reason
Sorella Mia by Jonathan, about a sister missionary I served with and missionary work

Redemption by George Herbert, about seeking Christ.
Neither did their own arms save them by Jonathan, about the same topic. This poem seems emotionally and technically immature to me, but I share it anyway.

Poem by William Drummond of Hawthornden. A hopeful tribute to his dead, young love.
Grandpa by Jonathan. A tribute to my dead, old love.

Poem by Edmund Spencer praising God and happiness
Jonni by Jonathan from my mission to Italy about a man from Legnano

I think of the beauties by Jonathan. My first love poem, and first real poem of any quality

My translation of a little vignette from Giovannino Guareschi, one of my favorite Italian authors, on the mistake of having listened too closely to a severe, austere, older generation. It was written while he lived in a WWII prisoner of war camp.

Sonnet by Sir Philip Sidney on God's love and eternal life

Sonnet by John Donne on Atonement

Alphabetical list of posted poems
Brother bird, brother tree
Brother Jones
Fighting with Life
I think I felt it
I think of the beauties
Incompatible mixture
Long Day
Mother's Voice
Neither did their own arms save them
Sorella Mia
To an electron in spring
To my niece in her second year
When Will I Rest

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