Religious Transhumanism


  1. Cosmology of evolved creators
  2. Free Will
  3. Feminism and Family
  4. Transhumanism and Scripture
  5. Miscelaneous


What God Is Like: my first attempt at a formal argument for the probability of a loving God.
Assuming Too Much: defending my many assumptions as being no greater in number, and more plausible, than often unrecognized assumptions in other lines of thought.
How the Universe Got Its Spots part 1: A review of Janna Levin's book with some Transhumanist musings, including a little on Free Will.
HtUGIS part 2: including some thoughts on Theomorphic humans.
HtUGIS part 3: More quotes and thoughts from Janna Levin's book, including a discussion of miracles.
Research Proposals from My Religion: Inspired by thoughts from Lee Smolin's book, The Trouble with Physics, I propose two ways to empirically and reproducibly test claims made by my religion. Unfortunately, perhaps, the tests require time and faith.
When You Sum (As,e): A new introduction to my cosmology and the assumptions behind many of our beliefs about the Cosmos and about God
Leaving Eden: a first telling of my creation myth.
Reality Flow Chart: (Take 2. Take 3 is below) A flow chart examining many scientifically possible (and impossible) views of the cosmos and their consequences for one's understanding of God.
Time Is Real I: Summary and thoughts on Lee Smolin's book, Time Reborn.
Time Is Real II: more of the above.
Time Is Real III: finishing the summary.
Time Is Real IV: practical and philosophical implications of thinking in time rather than thinking outside of time, or thinking of time as illusory (like is typically done in physics, and often in philosophy).
If you don't believe: A list of things at least one of which you must believe if you reject that there is a loving and personal, evolved creator influencing our lives. Based on my "Reality Flow Chart".
Straight and Narrow Path: The evolutionary strictures on the path to becoming creators.
Richness of the Path: The requirement for diversity among the Gods, and that we seek to emulate unity in diversity.
Lucifer's Plan: Another telling of my Transhumanist creation myth. My Transhumanist aesthetic is taking shape.
Simulation Argument: A reformatting of Micah Redding's entertaining Simulation Argument flowchart.
Reality Flowchart: January 2015 update of the annotated flowchart relating cosmology and the nature of Gods.
Reincarnation: A discussion of whether reincarnation fits within my evolved cosmology, and whether it is a blessing or a curse.

Free Will

Unpredictable God, Unpredictable Me: early struggles with the philosophy of free will. Where I am now is a little different from this.
The Theory of Agency: My scientific(ish) views on free will, including references to the Free Will Theorem by John Conway and Simon Kochen.
I Don't Care About Determinism: A second attempt at formulating or expressing my theory of agency.
The Universe Chose to Be: Theological and philosophical consequences of believing that free will is expressed at the most fundamental levels of existence.
More on Smolin's Free Will: Thoughts about the implications of Smolin's cosmos (in time and evolving) for free will.

Feminism and Family

A Fatherhood Manifesto: An excerpt from the epilogue of The Emperor's Embrace about our evolutionary role and potential as human fathers. These thoughts have inspired my own path as a father in concrete ways.
Women and Economics: My entry into understanding the interplay of feminism and economics.
Poor Women in Rich Countries: Intro: A book review and summary.
PWiRC: Sweeden: book summary continues.
PWiRC: France: book summary continues.
PWiRC: the rest: A summary of what I took away from the book. If we value women and children, then we need to recognize the ways in which we economically and physically endanger women for choosing to be mothers.

Transhumanism and Scripture

Transhumanist Speculation from the Beatitudes: the plan for exploring Transhumanism and scripture. What do scriptures tell us about God, and what does that imply about the universe we live in, since the cosmos we live in must foster such a being.
Problems: I begin to identify the manifold problems with my undertaking.
Mourning, Mortality, and Mutability: I start working through the Beatitudes
Gods Who Hunger: this was my first substantial presentation of the idea that Gods really must keep learning forever--truly eternal progression. This idea has shaped much of my thought, since.
Bonds of Mercy: God is tied to us through mercy, and is bound by it.
Unchanging God: A superficial scriptural survey of what scriptures say about the unchanging nature of God. I found that they do not contradict the idea of an eternally changing God, only requiring that God be unchanging in a few ways, and on a mortal time scale.
Pure in Heart: Evolved Gods will keep their promises.
Peacemakers and Persecution: Peacemakers can grow up to become Gods, and if you believe in a currently unprovable God like I do, and threaten to have any sort of power, plan on people opposing you.
Not an Angry God: God is not angry.
Gods Grow on Love: The two great commandments.
Iconic Mormon Scriptures on God: God is about exalting humanity and finding joy.
Bottomless Word Pit: For all the confusion of terms and ideas found in Doctrine and Covenants section 93, the purpose of this life is to become Christs.


Transhumanist Aesthetic: the impetus that started my exploration of Transhumanism.
Shame in the sight of the all-seeing eye: Thoughts inspired by my life history, the writings of Brene' Brown on vulnerability and human thriving, and hopes for humanity's ability to build Zion.
Evaluations: Some thoughts on evaluating ourselves and others, and our (in)ability to make sound statistical estimations.

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